The arpschuino new generation.

Our new arpschuino, the arpschuino32 represents a huge evolution compared to the arpschuino². You can connect to it via wifi to configure it or change the DMX address and, except for special cases, you will no longer have to reprogram the board.

The arpschuino32 is equipped with the ESP32 microcontroller, it is a technological leap compared to the arpschuino² equipped with the ATmega328 of the Arduino uno. With a 5 times faster dual-core processor, 12 times more flash memory and 200 times more RAM, wifi connectivity and the ability to embed web pages for configuration.

It can be controlled via DMX or artnet wifi.

Thanks to the server embedded in the default firmware, it is fully configurable in wifi via a web page.

The power supply has also been revised with a view to using batteries, the arpschuino32 accepts a power supply from 3.7v (li-ion batteries) and up to 12v. From 12 to 24v with the optional pre-regulation kit.

Its applications are multiple: to dim LEDs, low voltage lamps, motors, stepper motors. Drive pixel leds. Operate electromagnets, relays or servo motors...

It natively benefits from a PWM (LED dimming) resolution that can reach the exceptional value of 16 bits, for ultra-fine dimming of the LEDs..

The arpschuino32 can be addressed in wifi and remains also addressable with the arpdress board like the arpschuino².

It remains programmable with the USB>serial(5V) or any other USB>TTL 5V adapter.

Specs :

  • 16 I/O
  • 4 additional inputs
  • 16 PWM outputs
  • 18 analog inputs
  • DMX in/out
  • Wifi, including artnet
  • 1 serial port
  • 1 I2C port
  • 1 power and 1 signal LED
  • Supply voltage: 3.7 to 12V (12 to 24v optional)
  • Operating voltage: 3.3V
  • Dimensions: 87mm / 67mm

Two versions of the arpschuino32 exist, one with integrated antenna and one with IPEX connector for an external antenna.

Price :

  • classic version (plug-in terminals) : 45 €
  • XLR 3 version : 45 €
  • XLR 5 version : 48 €

The arpschuino² is supplied as a kit, to be assembled by yourself. We can assemble it for you, on request.

When ordering, remember to specify whether you want classic, XLR3 or 5; pre-regulation or not; integrated antenna or ipex connector.

Options :

  • Kit assembly : 11 €
  • Pre-regulation kit (allows the arpschuino32 to be powered with a voltage between 12 and 24V). Includes a capacitor, a diode, 1 regulator and a heatsink: 5€
  • Version with IPEX connector for external antenna: €2
  • IPEX>SMA cable 5cm : 1.5 €
  • IPEX>SMA cable 15cm : 2 €
  • SMA antenna 2.4 Ghz small: 8 €
  • antenne SMA 2.4 Ghz large: 10€

 resources :

Assembly guide for the arpschuino32(fr+en) : PDF

arpschuino XLR template(idem arpschuino²): PDF     DWG

schematic of arpschuino32 : PDF

 Tutos :

arpschuino forum

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