arpschuino 32, wilulu32 : firmware versions (Double fianchetto, fixed):

Debug :

hotfix! addressing with the arpdress board fixed.

Update required for arpdress board users only.

1.3 (Double fianchetto):


Common source code for arpschuino32 and wilulu32 (but different HTML pages).

New (wilulu32):

Multicolor status LED for wilulus.

Adjusting the intensity of the status LED on the tools page.


DC motor mode display when loading corrected.

Invert rotation now taken into account when homing.

1.2.3 (holy motors, fixed):


Page divers.html renamed to tools.html.

Default values for preference gathered in arp_server.h


DMX address assignment bug: fixed.

Acceleration rate modifications taken into account when pressing enter: fixed.

Values not matching display due to problem with default values declared differently in two places: fixed

1.2 (holy motors):

Replaced by Patch 1.2.3


Completely rewritten stepper motor speed management, now based on the accelstepper library

Adjustable acceleration rate for stepper motors.

New mode: input.

Limit switches (zero and end switch) for motors (DC and stepper motors).

Homing and autocalibration for stepper motors.

Settable homing and autocalibration speed.

DC motors, 2 driver modes: H-bridge classic or speed/dir

Steppers, 3 modes: driver dir/step, unipolar full stp, unipolar half stp.

Config servo by servo.

Adjustable PWM frequency for DC motor.


More dynamic display, only relevant options are displayed.

In the title of the page (tab), we now display the hostname rather than arpschuino32.

Fixed font size for phone displays.

CSS: aligned mode buttons.

DMX addresses of each port displayed in the interface.


Optimized Artnet reception, some routers were generating latency.

Forbidden spaces in the network page + valid IP verification to avoid connection problems.

Each port uses only the number of circuits it needs.


In Artnet, when port A was inactive, the first address of port B always received zero -> fixed!


News :

I2C port, first draft for tinylulu, twinylulu, arpsensors and spider board. Output only, for now.

I2C scan from a browser.

Two new examples for the custom port, 4 steppers with homing and 1 CC motor with end switches.

Optimizations :

Optimization of signal mode detection, executed only once at startup.

version_note.txt, the release notes are now in a separate file.

Artnet and DMX fonctions and variables in a separate file : signal.h

Class DMX_port in signal.h (DMX_port object).

A delay removed during the connection procedure for an even faster start.

Debug :

Debug reconnection when the board starts as an access point. If network found: reboot!


Added Device Discovery Packet (see this forum topic)

debug: servo angle portB (see this forum topic)

debug: trigger in port B on/off mode fixed.

1.0 :

First release

5 signal modes, DMX OR Artnet input, DMX IN, Artnet IN, DMX input-Artnet output, Artnet input-DMX output