voltage regulation

A simple voltage regulator for your assemblies.

Voltage Regulator

The assemblies that you will have to do with arpschuino boards or other, sometimes require different supply voltages. This is why we offer this card with a simple regulator, two capacitors for better stability and terminal blocks.

It can be equipped with a choice of 5V, 10V, 12V or other regulator.

For proper operation, the input voltage must be at least 2v higher than the regulated output voltage.

The voltage regulation card is not intended for currents greater than 1 amp. The components used are designed to withstand an input voltage of up to 35V.

However, if the voltage difference and/or the current are high, the regulator will quickly heat up. Two types of heatsinks are available depending on your needs.

The voltage regulation card is supplied as a kit, to assemble yourself. We can assemble it for you, on request.

Spécifications :

  • 1 voltage regulator 7805 (5v), 7810 (10v), 7812 (12v)
  • input voltage : absolut maximum 35v, 25v max recommended
  • max output current: 1A, 1.5A peak
  • DC current only
  • Dimensions : 50 mm / 24 mm

Price :

  • voltage regulation kit: 6€

Options :

  • small heatsink : 1,5 €
  • large heatsink : 3 €
  • thermal paste : 1,50 €
  • kit assembly : 3 €

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