arpdress board

To give a DMX address to arpschuino.

Change the address of your arpschuino in few seconds !

Simply set the DMX address of your arpschuino using three rotary switches, plug the arpdress board on the I2C port and push the arpschuino's reset button. Each card will blink, the adress is stored in eeprom. So it will be preserved after extinguishing the arpschuino.

Note that the hackers can also use arpdress board to send a value between 0 and 999 to an Arduino or equivalent using the I2C Port.

The arpdress board kit is to assemble yourself. We can do the work for you, on request.

Specifications :

  • Addressing by three rotary switches
  • 1 I2C port
  • 1 ATtiny2313 micro-controller
  • 1 LED
  • 5V power supply provided by the I2C Port
  • Dimensions : 24 mm / 49 mm (58mm with the pins)

Price :

  • kit arpdress board : 16€

Options :

  • Reset button : 1€
  • AVR ISP connector : 1€
  • kit assembly: 6€

Assembly guide for the arpdress board : PDF

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  Versions :

R3 news :

Optional AVR ISP connector to reprogram the card (with the USBasp).

R2 news :

On the arpdress board R2 PCB, the rotary encoders are in the opposite side of the componants.

It allow to mount it on a box, and also to attach a reset button (optional) to connect to the arpschuino.

The arpdress board is now delivered with its box.