A radio link for arpschuino.

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Give a radio link to arpschuino² !

The arpRF makes it possible to equip the arpschuino² of an RFM12B module capable of providing a radio link in transmission and/or reception. This connection allows up to 66 circuits to be transmitted.

It can communicate with any other device equipped with an RFM12B radio module. It can be another arpschuino² equipped with an arpRF, an arpsensorsRF, a wilulu, a JeeLink classic or a JeeNode.

We can now remotely control 8 circuits of an arpschuino, the 6 circuits of an arpsensorsRF, several wilulu and create an DMX bridge on 66 chanels.

The arp RF has an 82mm cable as an external antenna. The frequency used, 868MHz, is little crowded. With antenna, the range is approximately 300m.

Be carefull, the RFM12B does not support a voltage of 5V, the arpschuino² must be used in 3V mode. Arpschuinos of the first generation are not compatible.

   new :    arpRF R3

The arpRF R3 also has an IPEX connector, allowing it to be connected to an external antenna. Necessary as part of an enclosure, the range is also slightly improved with an external antenna.

Specifications :

  • 1 RFM12B radio module
  • frequency 868MHz.
  • Maxi power supply 3.6V
  • Dimensions : 14 mm / 34 mm.

The arp RF kit is to assemble yourself. We can do the work for you, on request.

Price :

  • arpRF kit : 9€
  • arpRF R3 kit : 10€
  • assembly service : 2€
  • IPEX>SMA cable 5cm: 2€
  • IPEX>SMA cable 15cm: 2.5€
  • 868/915 Mhz SMA antenna : 8€

 resources :

arpsensorsRF and arpRF assembly guide: PDF

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