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DCA Philippe Découflé

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Surnatural Orchestra

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  • montgolfiere
  • montgolfiere
  • montgolfiere
  • montgolfiere
  • les wilulus d'exit

6 crazy acrobats 85 liters of propane and a hot air balloon for Exit, the last show of the Cirque Inextremiste. Arpschuino is on board, with the wilulu, our new wireless board. LED diming and firewoks by radio for this show

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  • Haraka
  • Haraka
  • Haraka
  • Haraka
  • sand
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Last project of Christoph Guillermet from 1-0-1 company, Haraka wich means movement in Arabic, is a 45 minutes performance.

Large sand jets 5 meters high are controlled via sensors sensitive to body movements. A new board develloped for the occasion, the arpsensors RF allows to manipulate in real time sand, video and light.

Pictures and vidéos hier.

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The Arpschuino system is named after Pschuuu project (Arduino + Pschuuu).

Created by Christoph Guillermet, Pschuuu is a living visual art show. It is also a small technical feat : 72 pneumatic solenoid are controlled by arpschuinos. Light is also entrusted to our boards: thirty lamps, two different voltages (6 to 12V), for a total of over 150 amps.

Everything is controlled in DMX by White Cat.

Other photos of the adventure here.

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The grada laps board has been created at the request of the Groupe LAPS, for the Keyframes light installlation in Aix en Provence 180 luminous characters , dimed in DMX ,for a month with thirty of our cards racked.

Keyframes has since toured around the world with this system (United Kingdom, Switzerland, Dubai, Belgium, Australia and France), without regard to reliability.

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Some devices made with arpschuino:

(work in progress !)