Ribbon cables

Connect the arpschuino to extention boards.


Necessary to connect the arpschuino to extention boards. The connexion is secured with polarized connectors and locked with the arms of the HE10 connectors.

We can provide the ribbon cables in different lengths, up to a meter.

Specifications :

  • Cable assembly, ribbon, 20 way
  • 2 HE10 connectors, polarized
  • Length : 15, 30, 50 or 100 cm
  • Other lengths on request

Price :

15 or 30cm : 2.50 €

50 or 100cm : 3€


Use it to connect the extention boards to the serial an I²C ports of the arpschuino. For exemple spiders boards or arpsensors on the I²C port, or arpdress board on the serial port.

Specifications :

  • Cable assembly, ribbon, 6 way
  • Dupont Connectors M/F
  • Length : 20 cm
  • M/M ou F/F on request

Price : 2 euros

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