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6 I/O, drived by RF.

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Receive sensor data or control devices via radio link!

Equipped with an ATtiny 84 microcontroller and an RFM12B radio module, the arpsensors RF are capable of transmitting or receiving radio links. It has 6 inputs / outputs of which 5 can be used as analog inputs and one can be a dimmable output (PWM).

Like the arpschuino, it is able to control LEDs, low voltage lamps, motors, electromagnets, relays... Data from different analog sensors can also be processed and transmitted by radio.

The arpsensors RF have an integrated antenna, for a better range a 82mm cable can be weld as an external antenna. The frequency used, 868MHz, is little crowded. With antenna, the range is approximately 300m.

It can communicate with any other device equipped with an RFM12B radio module. It can be an arptefact::transceiver, an arpschuino² with an arpRF, a wilulu , a JeeLink classic or other arpsensors RF. Several sources codes are provided, You can choose wich one will be uploaded on your arpsensors RF.

Of course you can reprogram it via the ISP port (see this tuto).

The supply voltage must be between 2.8V and 3.6V. For a complete autonomy it can be equipped with a CR2032 battery holder. With such a stack, the autonomy in data transmission can reach 8 hours.

The arpsensors RF is used in the show Haraka. in sensors datas processing mode and transmission to a computer.

The arpschuino kit is to assemble yourself. We can weld the RFM12B module or assemble the all kit on request.

Specifications :

  • 1 ATtiny 84 microcontroler
  • 1 RFM12B radio module
  • 6 I/O including 5 analog inputs (0 to 4) and 1 pwm outputs (4)
  • 1 ISP port
  • Power supply : 2.8>3.6V
  • 1 CR2032 battery holder, in option.
  • Size : 25 mm / 50 mm.

Price :

  • arpsensors RF kit : 18 €

Options :

  • CR2032 battery holder : 1.50 €
  • RFM12B welded : 2 €
  • Complete kit assembly : 5 €

 resources :

Tutorial : program an arpsensors.

arpsensors RF and arp RF assembly guide: PDF

Source codes : ZIP


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