Our boards :


The new mother board, in the heart of the arpschuino system.

arpdress board

To give a DMX address to arpschuino.

Photo arpdress board


Dimming LEDs or low voltage lamps up to 8 amperes with a heatsink.

Photo arp_power


Give more I/O to the arpschuino.

Photo arpsensors

     new !


One channel RF dimmer.

Photo wilulu

arpensors RF

6 I/O, drived by RF.

Photo arpsensors RF

arp RF

A radio link for arpschuino.

Photo arps RF

grada laps

A 6 channels plug and play LED dimmer.

Photo grada laps 8

Accessories :

Heatsink Kit for arpower

Upgrade the arpower to 8 amps per circuit.

kit dissipateur

HE10 ribbon cable

Connect the arpschuino to extention boards.


arp>breadboard adapter

To connect an arpschuino or an arpower to a breadboard, or to other type of devices.

arp>breadboard adapters

XLR adapters

Connecting arpschuino or apower to DMX array.

adapters XLR

JNode>arpsensors Adaptater

Use arpower with a JeeNode


Old boards :


First version, see now arpschuino² .


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