USB>serial programmer

program an arpschuino.

  • USB>serial
  • USB>serial on arpschuino
  • USB>serial and adapter
  • 2 USB>serial

Easy programming !

Although we do not intend to market tier hardware, we still offer this programmer to simplify your steps and because it is perfectly suited to arpschuino. It runs at 3.3v and will not damage arpRF, for example.

See on this tuto how to install the drivers and use it.

It is provided with its 6 ways ribbon cable (15cm). It can be extended with a Dupont ribbon.

An adapter is needed for the arpschuino up to the R4 version.

Specifications :

  • USB>serial programmer
  • 6 way ribbon
  • adapter with 100nf condenser for arpschuino² pre-R5
  • size : 56 mm / 17 mm.

The USB> serial programmer and the pre-R5 adapter are supplied assembled and ready for use

Price :

  • programer USB>serial : 5 €
  • adapter pre-R5 : 1 €

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