Codes sources :

     new !

Source codes for arpschuino , arpsensors , arpsensorsRF and wilulu are now included in the arpschuino core as examples.

See this tutorial how to install it.

release notes of the arpschuino core

The pre-core arpschuino versions are still available here .

Other boards :

arpdress board : Code source

library :

     new !

The arpschuino library and all the libraries necessary for the compilation of source codes, are now directly imported when installing the arpschuino core.

See this tutorial how to install it.

We use the following libraries:

Arpschuino : link

SoftPWM : link

ArpRFlib, a modified version of jeelib :link

Four universes DMX from Toni Merino : link

Adafruit_NeoPixel : link

TinyWire (for arpdress board and arpsensors): link

Boards (Fritzing sources) :

arpschuino²R6 : ZIP

arpdress board R2 : ZIP

arpower R2: ZIP

grada laps : ZIP

arpsensors : ZIP

arpsensorsRF : ZIP

jNode arpower : ZIP

wilulu : ZIP

Old boards


arpschuino²r2 template: PDF     DWG

stl files for wilulu enclosure 3D printing.