source codes :

arpschuino 16 soft pwm out (defaut): ZIP

arpschuino 16 off/on : ZIP

arpschuino 2X8 relays (16 off/on inverted) : ZIP

arpschuino 6 pwm (leds): ZIP

arpschuino receive arpsensors: ZIP

arpdress board : ZIP

arpsensors : ZIP

grada laps: ZIP

JNode to arpower: ZIP

arpschuino 2 spiders board : ZIP

Old sketchs

library :

Four universes DMX from Toni Merino : link

SoftPWMMaster_mod : ZIP

Flash : link

Adafruit_NeoPixel : link

TinyWire (for arpdress board and arpsensors): link

jeelibModif (for jeeNodes and jeeLinks): ZIP

RF12arpschuino : ZIP

arpPCA9685 (for spider board) : ZIP

Boards (Fritzing sources) :

arpschuino²R2 : ZIP

arpdress board R2 : ZIP

arpower R2: ZIP

grada laps : ZIP

arpsensors : ZIP

arpsensorsRF : ZIP

jNode arpower : ZIP

wilulu : ZIP

spider board : ZIP

Old boards

     new !


arpschuino²r2 template: PDF     DWG

version française