What is arpschuino?

Since 2015, we have been offering a set of tools dedicated to performing arts (theater, dance, circus, puppets, etc.), plastic art installations, interactive performances, but also all forms of electronic experimentation.

After the arpschuino and the apschuino² directly from the arduino sphere, the apschuino32 constitutes a technological voucher with the arrival of the ESP32 microcontroller.

The arpschuino is aimed as much at users who have no experience in programming and electronics, as at more experienced users. The arpschuino32 is entirely configurable in wifi with a simple web browser (Firefox, Chrome or other).

The arpschuino32 board: DMX and Artnet wifi



The arpschuino board can be controlled in DMX, so it is compatible with all market light consoles, as well as with Enttec type DMX nodes. It can also be controlled in Artnet Wifi with a simple wifi router. It is also compatible with I2C, SPI, serial...

It currently makes it possible to dim lamps, LEDs , motors, to drive servo motors or relays to switch 110/240V devices, etc. .

The arpschuino32 is also capable of transforming DMX into Artnet Wifi, and vice versa.

The wilulu32: the pocket dimmer! In WiFi artnet.

Photo wilulu32


The new generation wilulu: a wireless pocket dimmer with ultra-fine dimming, plus an arpschuino port available for a multitude of applications.

All our boards have been developed as part of real projects (more info on examples), their reliability has been proven in large-scale operations.

Any electronic boards and all source codes are open hardware and open-source, so you can reproduce freely.

To discuss with us and with other users :

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