What is arpschuino?

Coming from the Arduino sphere, the arpschuino system is a set of tools dedicated to the performing arts (theater, dance, puppets ...), the visual art installations, interactive performances, but also to home automation and all forms of electronic experimentations. It may be used as a stand-alone or as an interface between a computer (or light console) and the real world through actuators, lamps, LEDs, motors, servo and all kinds of sensors.

The Arpschuino is dedicated for users who have no practical in programming and electronics, as more experienced users. It comes pre-progammed but remains programmable with Arduino software.

The arpschuino board : an arduino DMX



Arpschuino is DMX controllable, it is compatible with all light console and with software like White Cat, D: light or freestyler. It can also be used as a stand-alone or for sending DMX. It is also compatible with the I2C protocol, SPI, serial ...

It can manage lamps, LEDs (classic or pixels), motors, actuators, servo or relays to switch devices in 110 or 240v.

It has 16 I/O and if you need more, The arpensors increases its capacity.

With the arpRF, you can create a radio link to do everything wireless, establish a DMX bridge (66 chanels) or drive some wilulus, our single-channel pocket dimmers.

The wilulu : One channel RF dimmer



Arpschuino and GradaLaps (a 6 channels "plug and play" LED dimmer), were respectively developed in the framework of projects Pschuuu and Keyframes. Their reliability has been proven in large-scale operations.

The grada laps : a DMX plug and play low voltage dimmer

grada laps

grada laps

Any electronic boards and all source codes are open ardware and open-source, so you can reproduce freely.