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Stand-alone or I2C single-channel dimmer.

Ideal for standalone systems, the tinylulu is a pocket dimmer for low voltage equipment (up to 48V).

The tinylulu is a very small board... in size!

With the ATtiny 85 microcontroller and a power interface, the tinylulu is able to finely dim LEDs in 12-bit, at a frequency of 1952 hertz.

It is equipped with a mosfet allowing it to deliver 2.5A or up to 8A with the optional heat sink.

In addition to the power output, it has 4 inputs/outputs and an I2C port. It can therefore be controlled directly without a computer with a potentiometer or an analog sensor, or in I2C with an arpschuino (2 or 32), an arduino, a raspberry-pi or an I2C sensor.

The electronics of the tinylulu is able to operate with a wide voltage range, between 2.7 and 5.5v. You can dim LEDs (or other) under a voltage between 1 and 48v.

A jumper allows to choose between a power supply via the I2C port or via the power input. You can also power the electronics using the VCC pin directly.

You can reprogram the tinylulu via the ISP port (see tutorial). The default code allows stand-alone operation with a potentiometer. We find in the examples of the arpschuino core the codes allowing its control in I2C or with a motion sensor.

The tinylulu is supplied as a kit, to be assembled by yourself. We can assemble it for you, on request. This may cause additional delay.


Stand-alone or I2C 2-channel dimmer.

The twinylulu is similar to the tinylulu but with 2 channels.

Specifications :

  • 1 ATtiny85 microcontroller
  • 1 low voltage circuit from 1 to 48V (2 for the twinylulu)
  • Supply voltage: from 2.7 to 5.5V
  • Output current: 2.5A max, 10A with heatsink (tinylulu)
  • Output current: 2.5A max, 5A with heatsink (twinylulu)
  • 4 I/O (tinylulu), 3 I/O (twinylulu)
  • 1 I2C port
  • 1 ISP port (programming)
  • Dimensions : L=49 mm / l=24 mm / h=16mm

Price :

  • Kit tinylulu (to assemble) : 16€
  • Kit twinylulu (to assemble) : 20€

Options :

  • Full kit assembly service : 6€
  • tinylulu heatsink: 3€
  • 2 twinylulu heatsinks: 5€
  • Thermal paste : 1,50 €
  • 3D printing of enclosures: possible on request and depending on the volume of activity.

The tinylulu and the twinylulu are supplied as a kit, to be assembled by yourself. We can assemble them for you, on request. This may cause additional delay.

 ressources :

tinylulu assembly guide (fr+en): PDF

twinylulu assembly guide (fr+en): PDF

Programming the tiny/twinylulu : tuto

3D models:


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