Some shows with arpschuino :

Matière Sombre

Fleur Lemercier Company

  • matiere_sombre
  • matiere_sombre
  • matiere_sombre

Matière Sombre (Dark Matter) is a performance of improvised music and shadows with the assistance of computers.

For Matière Sombre shadows several arpschuino devices are used: wired LED dimmers, portable dimmer. A remote control bracelet that allows you to manage the state of the system (multiplexing) and to play the role of light looper, was created for the show from ATOM boards.

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Les yeux fermés

S Poart

  • Les yeux fermés, répetition
  • Les yeux fermés, répetition
  • Les yeux fermés, répetition
  • Les yeux fermés, répetition
  • Les yeux fermés, montage
  • Les yeux fermés, les panneaux côté cyclo
  • Les yeux fermés, les panneaux côté miroir
  • Les yeux fermés, LED 180W
  • Les yeux fermés, construction
  • Les yeux fermés, construction

Les yeux fermés is a hip hop dance performance by choreographer Mickaël Le Mer, Inspired by the French painter Pierre Soulages.

In Guillame Cousin's scenography, 14 pivoting panels are powered by stepper motors. On one side, the cyclorama is backlit in warm and cold white. On the other side, mirolege can be set in vibration by small integrated loudspeakers. There is also in the show a 180W LED, controlled in DMX by an arpschuino², like the rest of the device.

Also note the use of black mirror dance floor for a real "outrenoir" effect.

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Le silence des particules

Gillaume Cousin

Giant smoke circles that travel several dozen meters, it is not a dream but what gives to see Le silence des particules of Guillaume Cousin.

His superb machine, driven by a 1m pneumatic cylinder, is controlled by DMX with arpschuino².

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Nouvelles pièces courtes

DCA Philippe Découflé

In the decor of the Nouvelles pièces courtes, 15 articulated panels are powered by stepper motors, driven individually in DMX by arpschuino².

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Spider Circus

Groupe Laps

arpschuino developed the spider boards for the last installation of Groupe Laps, tested in a cemetery in Scotland and created in France during the 2017 edition of the Festival of Lights (Lyon).

The spider boards allowed a fine graduation to activate LED stips that illuminate articulated legs of spiders.

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Surnatural Orchestra

For this show arpschuino has devellopped the wilulus, which allowed to create individuals lighting for the musicians, wireless driven by RF.

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  • montgolfiere
  • montgolfiere
  • montgolfiere
  • montgolfiere
  • les wilulus d'exit

6 crazy acrobats 85 liters of propane and a hot air balloon for Exit, the last show of the Cirque Inextremiste. Arpschuino is on board, with the wilulu, our new wireless board. LED diming and firewoks by radio for this show

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  • Haraka
  • Haraka
  • Haraka
  • Haraka
  • sand
  • team

Last project of Christoph Guillermet from 1-0-1 company, Haraka wich means movement in Arabic, is a 45 minutes performance.

Large sand jets 5 meters high are controlled via sensors sensitive to body movements. A new board develloped for the occasion, the arpsensors RF allows to manipulate in real time sand, video and light.

Pictures and vidéos hier.

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The Arpschuino system is named after Pschuuu project (Arduino + Pschuuu).

Created by Christoph Guillermet, Pschuuu is a living visual art show. It is also a small technical feat : 72 pneumatic solenoid are controlled by arpschuinos. Light is also entrusted to our boards: thirty lamps, two different voltages (6 to 12V), for a total of over 150 amps.

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The grada laps board has been created at the request of the Groupe LAPS, for the Keyframes light installlation in Aix en Provence 180 luminous characters , dimed in DMX ,for a month with thirty of our cards racked.

Keyframes has since toured around the world with this system (United Kingdom, Switzerland, Dubai, Belgium, Australia and France), without regard to reliability.

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Some devices made with arpschuino:

The Gyrostage

Beautiful realisation by Nicolas Moinet, artificer at Jacques Couturier Organisation, the gyrostage is like a moving head fixture but for fireworks ! The electronics is managed by arpschuino².

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