Our transceiver (DMX to radio or radio to DMX).

First family member of the ready-to-use artefact boxed devices, the artefact::transceiver is a transceiver equipped with an RFM12B radio module and based on the arpschuino² board capable of transmitting or receiving DMX. DMX side, it is compatible with any lightning board or software. Radio side, it is compatible with the wilulu , the arpsensorsRF , the arpRF or with another artefact::transceiver. It is also compatible with other manufacturers' hardware equiped with the RFM12B radio module, such as JeeNode or the JeeLink classic .

The kit consists of an arpschuino² in wide version , an arpRF , an arpdress board , as well as the necessary cables, adapters and connectors, all in a robust aluminum housing with lids manufactured in 3D printing. It is supplied with its 9V power supply equipped with miniXLR connectors. The supplied antenna is provided for the 868-915MHz bands, it is removable and can be replaced.

The artefact::transceiver is able to transmit or receive up to 66 circuits. Several settings are possible:

  • DMX address
  • mode (transmitter or receiver)
  • number of circuits (from 2 to 66)
  • Frequency band (868 or 915 MHz) depending on the legislation of your country
  • Fine frequency (21 positions)

It is possible to reprogram the artefact::transceiver with the USB> serial or any other USB> TTL adapter (see tutorial ).

The artefact::transceiver comes with its power supply, kit or fully assembled.

Examples :

  • transmitter for wilulu or arpsensorsRF
  • RF12 receiver to DMX
  • 66-channel DMX HF bridge, with 2 arptefact::transceivers

Specifications :

  • DMX in/out, XLR Neutrik
  • addressing and configuration by rotary encoders
  • one power LED and one signal LED
  • 9V DC power supply, mini XLR connectors
  • removable antenna 868-915MHz
  • anodized aluminum housing, 3D printed bezels
  • dimensions : 130 mm / 81 mm / 48 mm, excluding antenna

Price :

  • arptefact::transceiver kit : 125€
  • arptefact::transceiver fully assembled : 180€

 ressources :

arptefact::transceiver assembly guide(fr+en) : PDF

arptefact::transceiver Setting Guide (fr+en): PDF

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