To drive LEDs or low voltage lamps up to 2 amps, 8 amps with a heatsink.

Empower your arpschuino!

The outputs of the apschuino can provide only limited intensity to 50 milliamps. It is enough to light small signal LEDs, but powerful LEDs, low-voltage lamps, motors or solenoids, need more power.

With the arpower, the arpschuino is able to drive powers up to 2 amps, and even up to 8 amps with our heatsink kit.

you can connect two arpowers per arpschuino, using ribbon cables. See above how to connect your devices to the arpower.

It is perfectly possible to connect different types of equipment, even working at different voltages on the same arpower.

The arpower kit is to assemble yourself. We can do the work for you, on request.

Specifications :

  • Need arpschuino
  • 8 channel of PWM dimmer or off/on
  • 8 IRL540N mosfets
  • output on plug-in screw terminals
  • Connecting to arpschuino by HE10 ribbon cables
  • Power : 2 amps or 8 amps with heatsink
  • Voltage : up to 48V DC
  • possibility of differents voltages on a same board
  • Dimensions : 100 mm / 49 mm

Assembly guide for the arpower (fr+en): PDF

Prix :

  • arpower : 32 €

Options :

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 versions :

R2 news:

New PCB, nicer, same specifications.

Flat connectors.

The fixing holes have been enlarged for the use of M3 screws..

Serigraphy more usable on each side.