One channel RF dimmer

Ideal for embedded system, the wilulu is a wireless pocket dimer for low voltage device (up to 48V).

16 wilulus can be controlled independently by addressing them with the rotary encoder. With a simple modification of the source code, up to 64 wilulus can be controled.

Compatible transmitters:

It is equipped with a mosfet allowing it to deliver 2.5A or up to 8A with the optional heat sink.

The wilulu is equipped with the ATtiny 84 microcontroller. The code can be modified with the arduino software via an ISP port (see this tuto).

The board has been optimized for battery power. The wilulu can operate with a voltage between 3.7V and 12V. Provide a separate power supply for components operating between 13 and 48V.

STL files for 3D printing of boxes are available.

Examples :

With Li-Ion 3.7V battery (14500, 18650...) :

  • Led 3.7v 1w, 3w.
  • Lampe de pupitre

With 12V battery :

  • 12V LED ribbon
  • 12V Lamp

With separate power supply:

  • 30, 50 or 100W - 36V LED
  • 24V LED ribbon

With 9V battery :

  • Fireworks trigger
  • Ball impact trigger on comedians

Note that the wilulu does not work with a 1.5V battery. The AA battery holders are designed for a 3.7V lithium battery type 14500.

Specifications :

  • 1 low voltage channel from 1 to 48V
  • Power supply: 3.6 to 12V
  • Output current: 2.5A max, 8A with heatsink
  • 16 wilulus per transmitter, up to 66 via source code modification
  • 1 ISP port (programming)
  • Dimensions : L=35 mm / l=72 mm / h=16mm

Price :

  • kit wilulu (to assemnle) : 30 €

Options :

  • assembly of the radio module (RF12) : 2€
  • complete kit assembly : 10 €
  • heatsink : 3 €
  • battery 14500 holder: 2 €
  • 3D printing of enclosures: possible on request and according to the volume of activity

The wilulu is supplied as a kit, to assemble yourself. We can assemble it for you, upon request. This can lead to an additional delay.

 resources :

The wilulu tutorial should answer your questions about wilulu.

And this one to program your wilulu.

wilulu assembly guide (fr+en): PDF

Source code:

stl files for 3D printing of enclosures

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