grada laps

A standalone and plug and play dimmer for LED.

The grada Laps was designed in collaboration with the Groupe LAPS team, for the keyframes project project.

Unlike other system boards arpschuino, it is autonomous and addressable locally. A low voltage supply + a grada laps = a 6 channels dimmer for LEDs.

The grada Laps is fully assembled, tested and ready-to-use, with fuses.

Specifications :

  • 6 channel of PWM dimmer
  • 2 amps max per circuit protected by fuses
  • Power supply: 6 to 24V
  • Adressable localement sur 512 adresses DMX, par dip switchs
  • DMX in/out
  • Power on plug-in screw terminals
  • output on plug-in screw terminals
  • Dimensions : 115 mm / 72 mm

the supply voltage must be between 6V and 24V and match that of your LEDs.

To use the 6 circuits at their maximum capacity, choose a power supply capable of delivering at least 12 amps. If you don't use all the circuits or if your LEDs consume less than 2 amps, you can choose a less powerful suply.

Somes power suplys exemples : 12v or 24v.

grada laps user guide: PDF

Price : 65 €

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